We generate rental income from commercial real estate to provide passive income for our investors.

for Property Owners

Access Your ‘Locked Up’ Capital

Access the capital ‘locked up’ in real estate with strategic long term leases. This ‘freed up’ capital is then used to fuel growth to open new locations, remodel existing ones, buy new equipment or expand into new markets; all without changing their ownership structure.

Provide Shareholders with Higher Rates of Return

RYNT Capital enables our clients to provide higher rates of return for their shareholders, while creating a more reliable financial structure for operations and without imposing potential challenges or limiting prospective buyers on the exit of the business.

More Capital for Higher Returns

Our clients can lower their investment costs by using RYNT for their build-to-suit development projects. This allows our clients to deploy more capital into their business for higher returns.

for Investors

Multiple Sources of Income

At RYNT, we believe multiple sources of income are essential and critical to an individual’s financial success.

Passive Income Streams

We manifest our beliefs by procuring passive income streams that afford the opportunity to create long-term wealth.

More Than Just Money

Our success isn’t just measured in dollars – but what those dollars can do for our clients, our investors and for each of their families.

Access. Income. Focus. Growth.

RYNT brings value to our investors by offering a more efficient way to participate in the commercial real estate market than they could otherwise do on their own.

We use single-tenant, net-leased, commercial real estate property to achieve solid financial returns for our investors.

How We Do It:

  • Creating passive income during the hold period.
  • Generating additional profits on the exit.
  • Using advantageous tax strategies such as depreciation or 1031 exchanges to minimize and defer the impact of taxes on your profits.


  • Clients gain access to the cash locked up in real estate by selling us property and entering into a longterm lease to operate.
  • Investors gain access to participate in commercial real estate in a more efficient way than they could otherwise obtain on their own.


  • Clients focus on their core business.
  • RYNT focuses on financial returns for our investors.


  • Clients use capital to grow business and create more income.
  • RYNT generates steady income for our Investors.


  • Clients are able to grow their business using RYNT.
  • Investors are able to grow their capital using RYNT.

Did You Know?

The current market size is $3B in value with more than 1.9 million properties comprising the U.S. Market.

Our goal is to bring value to our investors by offering a more efficient way to participate in the commercial real estate market than they could otherwise do on their own.

Real estate can generate ongoing passive income.

Many of America’s wealthiest families have used real estate as a primary strategy for building wealth.

We focus exclusively on net leases with solid credit tenants that have a strong record of performance in their chosen operations.

We perform in-depth analysis of three distinct payment sources: 1) Unit level financials, 2) Corporate Credit and 3) Underlying real estate value.

We are strong negotiators that craft value creating win-win agreements that foster strong relationships for the long term.

We are dedicated to building a reputation of execution, reliability with our colleagues, and being known for returning capital and profits to our clients.

Our disciplined approach provides solid returns on capital.

Ready to see what’s in it for YOU?

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